Hello, Hello, Hello!

Eeeks! It’s been forever since I’ve created a new post here, but that’s all about to change folks! I haven’t stopped creating, and I’m super excited to share some new art work with you!

Hang tight. It’s coming! And I couldn’t be happier about where I’m at artistically. It’s messy, and allover, and just me!

And that is finally truly ok! It feels great. I’m no longer bound by outside expectations. (Well, outside of commission art, then I’ll always care about your opinion!)

Hope this post finds all of you doing well, there are crazy things happening out there, but art is always just about us. Keep on keeping on. Keep creating, enjoy it, hate it, learn from it, grow, just create!

Love you all! Thanks for checking out my website, stay tuned!

~Jessica 🙂